Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter, Dec. 17-23


police mlt logoDec. 17

5100 block 224th Street Southwest: A woman reported that overnight someone several items from her front yard, including two large ammo cans, one of which contained various coins and toys for geocaching, and two large rotating Christmas lights.

Dec. 18

5600 block of 235th Street Southwest: Police were dispatched to investigate a reported burglary. The victim stated that someone broke into her home during the day and stole some marijuana that was on the dresser in her bedroom, a half full bottle of tequila and a small bottle of vodka. The victim told police she suspects that burglary was committed by her 13-year-old son, who has been living with her cousin in Everett. Her son reportedly ran away from her cousin’s home and reportedly had tested positive for meth.

22300 block 48th Avenue West: A woman reported that the Washington license plates on her car had been stolen, and had been replaced with California plates. Police confiscated the California plates and requested that dispatch enter the Washington plates as stolen.

Dec. 20

A man came to the police station to ask for assistance after he received threats from his adult son living in the man’s home. The victim told police his son was growling like a bear, throwing items around the house, breaking items in his bedroom, shouting at him and making threats. He told police that he tried to calm his son down, but that only served to enrage him and he threatened to kill his father and burn the house down. Police made contact with the son at the home, where they found a broken cup with liquid spilled on the floor, a bathroom door ripped from the hinges and holes in the sheet rock. The son was arrested and transported to Snohomish County Jail, where he was booked for felony harassment and domestic violence malicious mischief.

Dec. 21

7100 block 220th Street Southwest: Police responded to the Crystal Commerce business shortly after 1 a.m. for a report of a broken window. A search of the building’s interior showed that rock was thrown through the window from outside due to all of the glass that had fallen into the building. A fist-sized rock was located on the floor in immediate proximity of the broken window. A witness reported seeing a man in front of the building at the time of the incident and police found a subject exactly matching his description in the 22000 block of Highway 99. Police interviewed the man, but he denied being in the area at that time.

5900 block 228th Street Southwest: A man reported that he was visiting the residence of woman he met online and fell asleep. Upon awakening, he discovered that his vehicle keys and vehicle were gone. The victim confronted the woman via Facebook and she said she would return the vehicle to him; after she did not do so, the victim filed a police report. A computer check of the suspect revealed that she is a convicted felon for burglary and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Dec. 23

5800 block 221st Street Southwest: Patrol units responded to burglary at the residence of a family who arrived home to find a bedroom window broken and clothes strewn about on the floor. Items reported missing included watches, jewelry, credit cards and cash.

Police were dispatched to the Lakeside Apartments for a fraud report. The victim told police that unknown persons had used her debit card to purchase $8,000 in goods at QFC and Fred Meyer stores in Seattle. The victim said she carries her debit card with her and she doesn’t know how the thief acquired the credit card number.


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