Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 2019

Aug. 30

4200 block 236th Street Southwest: Police responded to a verbal domestic dispute at Taluswood Apartments after two brothers were reported to have been shouting at each other. One of the men said the two were going through personal family issues and no physical assault had occurred.

6100 block Saint Albion Way: A couple reported that their female neighbor has been bothering them and accusing them of abusing their children when their five-month-old baby cries. Other instances involved the neighbor taking photos of the couple with their four children.

Aug. 31

23600 block 56th Avenue West: A man said he saw another man steal a bicycle, cutting the bike lock and riding it away from the scene.

21600 block 60th Avenue West: A woman reported someone stole her suitcase after it was returned to her by the airline that lost it. She said the airline told her the suitcase had been returned, but she reported never receiving it. The suitcase is a black American Tourist valued at $200. The suitcase contained autographed art valued at $4,000, art supplies valued at $150, four debit/credit cards, a $30 thermos, $500 Gucci sunglasses, jewelry valued at $128 and makeup valued at $45.

5200 block 234th Street Southwest: A man said he was threatened by an acquaintance after an argument over a car. The threats were made via text messages that were shown to the police.

Sept. 1

6700 block 235th Street Southwest: A man’s vehicle was prowled overnight while it was parked in front of his residence. The driver-side window was smashed and the car showed signs of being searched. Nothing was reported to have been stolen.

4300 block 214th Street Southwest: A woman said her vehicle was prowled and items were stolen from inside. She said the suspect(s) used a rock to smash in a rear passenger window to gain entry to her vehicle. Stolen items include a backpack with a laptop inside, and her purse containing a wallet, debit cards, ID and $8 cash.

22800 block Lakeview Drive: Police responded to a domestic dispute outside of Andorra Estates where a man and woman were shouting. When police arrived, the man was gone and the woman said no physical assault occurred. The man reportedly left in the woman’s car.

7000 block 220th Street Southwest: Police responded to a commercial alarm that was triggered after someone broke a window at Rooster’s Espresso.

Sept. 2

23500 block 48th Avenue West: A man was arrested for violating a no-contact court order against him by his girlfriend. Police were responding to a domestic disturbance reported near the residence where the man lives with his mother. The man’s girlfriend was there and the mother wanted her gone after an argument. The man locked himself in the bathroom with a knife and was tased by police before being taken into custody.

22800 block 44th Avenue West: A theft was reported at QFC after a man was seen on video surveillance stealing items.

4100 block 236th Street Southwest: Police responded to a verbal domestic dispute between a man and his girlfriend at a residence. No physical assault was reported and the man left the residence before the argument escalated.

24100 block 48th Avenue West: A man heard shouting coming from his roommate’s bedroom and thought that there was a physical altercation between his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend. When police arrived, both of them denied any assault occurred. The man who reported the incident left the residence, because he said he did not feel safe around his roommate.

23000 block 51st Avenue West: A woman reported fraudulent activity involving her 18-year-old daughter’s identity after discovering a Comcast account had been opened in Texas in her name. The account had a $701 balance and was opened in 2013, when her daughter was 13 years old.

21900 block 56th Avenue West: A woman was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI warrant when police responded to a suspicious activity report at a residence. The woman originally said she was being abused, but no evidence of abuse was reported. The woman was reported to have been acting erratically.

Sept. 3

21700 block Highway 99: The owner of Elephant Towing said two of his tow trucks were prowled overnight. He reported $1,700 in stolen equipment from both trucks, including a pressure washer, air blower, two vehicle jacks, two vehicle jump battery boxes, three heavy-duty vehicle batteries and a pair of jumper cables. No damage was reported to have been done to the trucks.

18050 Meridian Avenue North: Mountlake Terrace police picked up a warrant subject from the King County District Court in Shoreline. The warrant was fourth-degree domestic assault.

Sept. 4

5200 block 238th Street Southwest: Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence after a woman reported a man shoved her and threatened to use mace on her. The woman said she wanted the man out of her residence because he was a “squatter” who did not pay rent. She later admitted that the man did not shove her or make any physical contact with her. A witness confirmed no physical assault occurred.

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A woman called the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to report a case of fraud after receiving a letter in the mail about a Pottery Barn credit card opened in her name. She said she did not apply for a Pottery Barn credit card.

Sept. 5

6000 block 220th Street Southwest: A traffic stop led to the arrest of a man with a felony warrant out of Seattle for escaping custody for robbery. While searching him, police found Suboxone pills in his possession.

4100 block 219th Street Southwest: A man reported losing his wallet at another man’s home while answering an online for-sale ad online for an oven. The homeowner denied taking the wallet and it was not located outside of the residence.

5400 block 212th Street Southwest: A man reported his work cell phone was stolen. He said he left it at his residence after he was arrested on Aug. 31 and it was gone when he returned. During that time, his girlfriend had moved out of his residence and he said he thinks she took it.

6000 block 244th Street Southwest: A man was arrested at Studio 6 for multiple misdemeanor warrants for theft, possession of drug paraphernalia and use/delivery of drug paraphernalia out of Snohomish County, Bothell and Marysville, respectively. He was arrested after he and another man were found unconscious in a vehicle parked in the motel parking lot. Both men were trespassed from the property.

–Compiled by Cody Sexton

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