Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: April 24-May 5, 2020

April 24

21300 block 52nd Avenue West: A brown bi-fold wallet was located near Pheasant Hill Apartments.

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: A man reported his bicycle was stolen while it was parked and secured outside Safeway. The bike was described as a green and grey Carbon 2108 Transition Patrol mountain bike, valued at $5,000. Security footage from the store showed a man riding a silver BMX bike arrive, approaching the bike and trading it for the one he was riding, leaving the silver BMX bike behind.

21900 block 66th Avenue West: A man walking home said he was threatened by another man holding a blunt weapon. According to the man, the suspect approached him carrying the weapon — later discovered to be a stick. To avoid an altercation with the suspect, the man crossed the street and called the police. According to police, the suspect made racist remarks and accused Black people of messing with his vehicle. The suspect has made multiple claims in the past year of people messing with his vehicle, police said.

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: A man reported his bicycle was stolen from a bike rack near Safeway and O’Reilly Auto Parts. He said the bike is light blue in color with orange lettering and had green springs in the front.

April 25

3900 block 228th Street Southwest: A dead cat was discovered hanging on a fence by its foot. The cat’s foot was wedged between two wooden boards in the fence and it had sustained severe trauma to its head.

April 27

21300 block 52nd Avenue West: A woman reported her vehicle was prowled. She told police she found her driver’s seat  reclined and broken. Nothing was reported stolen.

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: Police contacted a man by phone about a reported hit-and-run involving his vehicle. The man said one of his side mirrors was broken off and his door was scratched during the incident. The total damage was estimated at $600.

24000 block 70th Avenue West: Police saw a vehicle drive into the side of an office building, causing substantial damage to the doors of business. The female driver was reported to have lost control of her vehicle.

21400 block 52nd Avenue West: A woman said someone pried open the rear driver-side door of her mother’s vehicle, leaving marks. She suspects that miscellaneous mail that had been left in the vehicle was stolen.

April 28

5100 block 219th Street Southwest: A man reported that his vehicle had been rifled through and his sunglasses, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance information were stolen. The man’s daughter said she found some of her father’s possessions outside of Mountlake Terrace Elementary School.

22800 block Lakeview Drive: A vehicle was stolen at the Andorra Apartments parking lot.

5800 block 222nd Street Southwest: A woman said her vehicle was prowled and multiple items were stolen. She told police her vehicle was parked on the street in front of her residence at the time of the theft. Rayban sunglasses, a personalized hand sanitizer bottle and assorted change valued at $110 were stolen.

April 29

2400 block 48th Avenue West: A man told police that he suspected his neighbor of being responsible for breaking the rear window to his vehicle, causing $200 in damages. He said he suspected his neighbor, because the neighbor did not like him parking on the road.

22600 block 61st Street Southwest: A man reported his vehicle was prowled after some of his personal documents were found on a suspect arrested by the Edmonds Police Department. According to the man, Edmonds police told him they located his health insurance card in the suspect’s possession. After inspecting his vehicle, the victim discovered the suspect had broken into a safe in his vehicle and stole a hat, 1 gram of marijuana oil, cash and two gift cards. The stolen items and the damage to the safe were valued at $200.

23000 block 46th Avenue West: A couple reported both of their vehicles had been prowled after discovering their vehicle doors open. Both reported their vehicles had been rifled through. Nothing was reported stolen although an outdated vehicle registration and insurance documents might have been taken.

6100 block St. Albion Way: A bicycle and electric scooter were stolen from a Lakeside Apartment storage unit. The bicycle is black and pink with Minnie Mouse on it.

5800 block 244th Street Southwest: A man was arrested after he attempted to break into Time Out Restaurant, triggering an alarm. When police arrived, the man was located nearby and detained. Police discovered a large amount of cash taken from the restaurant’s cash register sticking out of his pockets. Police also found a folding knife, a counterfeit $100 bill and another man’s driver’s license in his possession. The suspect also took a laptop, iPod and computer mouse. He was booked into Snohomish County Jail for burglary, malicious mischief, forgery charges, possession of drug paraphernalia and violating Gov. Jay Inslee’s order during a declared emergency. The man also had felony and misdemeanor warrants.

April 30

5300 block 244th Street Southwest: A man reported his backpack carrying his personal information was stolen from the halfway house he lives at. He told police the backpack —  containing his wallet, ID, debit card, insurance card, EBT card and $200-$250 in cash — was stolen after he let it outside. Police said they attempted to get more information from the victim about the incident, but the man reportedly made it difficult and appeared to not be sober during the incident. Police said the man may have misplaced it.

5700 block 213th Street Southwest: A man reported a checkbook he ordered was stolen and used to write fraudulent checks. He told police he discovered it after a check for $130 was written at Kroger. The man also said he was informed by Kroger that multiple fraudulent checks had bounced.

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: A woman told police her parked vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run collision in the Safeway parking lot after she discovered a dent on the rear driver-side door. According to the woman, she noticed the damaged to her vehicle after she returned from shopping. The damage was valued at $1,000.

6700 block 235th Street Southwest: A man said his vehicle — with tools inside — was stolen.

23300 block Cedar Way: A man reported someone broke into his storage unit and rifled through his property. According to the man, the suspect(s) broke the unit’s doorknob to gain entry. He did not report anything stolen.

23000 block Lakeview Drive: A woman said she suspected her vehicle had been prowled while it was parked at her residence. However, nothing was reported stolen.

700 block 220th Street Southwest: A man said a company-owned vehicle he drives was prowled by two unknown suspects. According to the man, the two punched the locks out on the driver-side and passenger-side doors. He reported several tools and materials were stolen. The damage was valued at $1,174.

21000 block 44th Avenue West: A theft was reported at O’Reilly Auto Parts after store employees told police a man stole tools used to unlock doors. The stolen tools were valued at $17. The man also reportedly stole a Slim Jim.

May 1

21700 block 66th Avenue West: Tools were stolen from a vehicle that was prowled.

May 2

4300 block 236th Street Southwest: A man was arrested and booked for fourth-degree assault after he hit a woman during an argument. Upon arrival, officers found a man and woman arguing, and the man slapped the woman on or near her face. The man said that the two were arguing over the woman attempting to drive while intoxicated.

5600 block 220th Street Southwest: A woman was arrested for fourth-degree assault after she reportedly kicked the father of her child in the head. According to police, the man and woman were intoxicated at the time of the incident and arguing about a cell phone.

244th Street Southwest/Cedar Way: Two suspects were arrested for reportedly driving a stolen vehicle. The owner followed the stolen vehicle and contacted Mountlake Terrace police, who located the vehicle and stopped it. The suspects were also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

May 3

6600 block 220th Street Southwest: A man was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia after he was found slumped over in his vehicle parked at a gas pump. Police said they located the man passed out with drug paraphernalia in his lap and he admitted to using drugs. The man’s mother was called to take custody of him.

22400 block 56th Avenue West: A woman was transported to Swedish Edmonds Hospital for an evaluation after she was reported to have been walking in the middle of the road and sitting on cars. Police said she refused to leave the roadway and showed signs of having mental-health issues.

May 4

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A resident called the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to report that an unknown subject attempted to apply for unemployment using the the victim’s information.

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A man called the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to report that two subjects were camping on his property and he wanted them trespassed. Officers contacted the campers and issued them trespass notices.

May 5

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: Mountlake Terrace police said several residential mailboxes were found opened. It was unclear if any mail was stolen.

4700 block 212th Street Southwest: A woman reported she saw her neighbors steal packages from her front porch. However, she told police she did not want to pursue charges.

–Compiled by Cody Sexton

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