Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: Car chase, assault, code enforcement and more


Below are an assortment of police reports and activity from the Mountlake Terrace Police Department from the past week or so.

On Friday, July 1, 2011, at 3:53 PM, a patrol officer attempted to stop a vehicle which ran the stop sign at 66th and 228th. The driver of the vehicle failed to stop and then passed cars at high rate of speed in what looked like an attempt to elude the officer. The suspect eventually stopped his car in the Terrace Village parking lot near the Azteca Restaurant. The driver fled the car leaving his passenger behind. The officer was able to get a good description of the suspected driver and containing units surrounded the area in an attempt to locate the suspect. An officer was able to get the name of the driver from the passenger. A check of the driverís name showed his license was suspended in the 2nd
degree and he had an outstanding arrest warrant. Our detectives with an assisting City of Lynnwood officer located the suspect in the area of 54th and 228th. The suspect was arrested after a brief foot chase and charged with eluding a police officer. He was transported and booked at the county jail.

On July 6, 2011, Code Enforcement officers observed a property located in the 5600 block of 237th St SW having vehicle code violations. Code Enforcement observed a vehicle parked in the front yard area having an expired license and appearing inoperable and unused. The vehicle was also parked on an unimproved surface. A Notice of Violation was prepared and sent to the property residents. Code Enforcement will follow up with the property on July 21, 2011.

On Sunday, 7-10-2011 at 9:04 PM, patrol responded to the Greenview Apartment complex for a reported physical domestic at one of the apartments. On arrival at the apartment the officer could hear several people screaming for help. Among the people at the apartment were several children between the ages of six and twelve. After clearing the children from the apartment the officer found a heavily intoxicated male with blood on his face lying in the hallway of the apartment. A female in the home explained to the officer that the male on the ground was the aggressor in the assault of another male in the home. This large, aggressive and intoxicated male refused to comply with the officerís directions. Due to the suspectís size, aggressive manner and level of intoxication the officer deployed his Taser. The suspect was eventually subdued and taken into custody. The victims in the apartment did not want to press charges for the assault, however, the suspect was arrested for a violation of a court order and two outstanding warrants for previous incidents.

On Saturday, 7-9-2011 at 11:54 PM, patrol responded to 4300 223rd Pl SW for a report of a malicious mischief that had just occurred. Officers contacted the homeowner who stated that he had heard what sounded like an egg hitting his home. The homeowner stated that he exited his home to investigate and found a lit smoke bomb in his front yard. The home owner stated that he disposed of the smoke bomb and just after he did, he heard a loud explosion at the edge of his front yard. This is when the homeowner discovered what appeared to be the remnants of a dry ice bomb. No one was injured in the explosion and no property damage occurred. Officers collected the remnants of the dry ice bomb and placed them into evidence.

On 6-16-2011, Code Enforcement received an anonymous complaint from a resident regarding a commercial dumpster filled with debris, and an array of junk and debris scattered around the dumpster located near 4800 block of 212th St SW. The complaint was verified and Code Enforcement issued a Notice of Violation for the following ordinances: 8.15.040.I – Debris and trash accumulations of broken or neglected items, litter, salvage materials, and junk not in an approved enclosed structure, 8.15.040.E – Building and construction material accumulations, stacks, or piles of building or construction materials not associated with a current in-progress projects including metal, wood, wire, electrical or plumbing materials in disarray or exposed to the elements on the property, and 8.15.040.H.1 – All broken or discarded household furniture, furnishings, or equipment, or any appliances not in an approved enclosed structure. On 7/1/2011, Code Enforcement received a phone call from the tenant stating that everything had been disposed. The Code Enforcement Officer met with the tenant at the property and verified that the commercial property was no longer out of compliance with City ordinances.


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