Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter


Below are an assortment of police reports and activity from the Mountlake Terrace Police Department from the past week or so.

On Tuesday, 6-28-2011 at 3:54 AM, officers were dispatched to a vehicle prowl in progress at the apartments in the 4700 block of 212th St SW. The reporting person was able to give a good description of the subjects and officers located 3 juveniles matching the given descriptions in the area. The witness had not actually seen the subjects enter a vehicle, but the witness did provide a description of them looking into the parked cars in the lot. The juveniles were returned to their parents and charges of auto prowling will be forwarded to the juvenile court.

On Tuesday, 6-28-2011 at 5:05 PM, officers responded to the Evergreen Playfield tennis courts for a reported fight involving approximately 20 juveniles using a large metal pole or bat. Officers located two juvenile males at 22nd and 54th Ave West with obvious fight injuries. The subjects had swollen eyes and bloody noses; they admitted that they had just been involved in a fight. They were treated by responding aid crews. According to the officer’s report this fight is part of an on-going feud between two sets of brothers. Social media and cell phones were used to coordinate the fight at the playfield. Further investigation and charges in this case will hinge on the cooperation of the subjects involved in the fight.

On 5-26-2011, Code Enforcement Officer Jenkins observed a vehicle registered to someone other than the resident, parked on an unimproved grass surface on the side of a property located near 22100 42nd Ave W. A Notice of Violation was sent for several violations. On 6-9-2011, Code Enforcement Officer Jenkins re-inspected the property and noted the vehicle registration was renewed reflecting the current resident and address and the vehicle was removed from the unimproved grass surface.

Police Chief Greg Wilson, after working with police department employees, recently released a new and improved vision & mission statement that reflects how the Police Department delivers public safety services in the community we serve.


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