Mountlake Terrace Police blotter


MLT police shieldThe following are selected incidents from the Mountlake Terrace Police blotter.

Sept. 26

4000 block of 222nd Ave. W. Theft. A woman reported that her purse was stolen while she was at a park. The next day a resident turned in the woman’s purse, which he found in the bushes near the park. Most of the items, except for cash, were returned to the woman.

Sept. 29

5400 block of 236th St. SW. Disturbance. An intoxicated man was detained for damaging a fence.

Sept. 30

22800 block of 44th Ave. W. Malicious mischief. A grocery store manager reported what appeared to be pellet shot marks on two of the store’s large front window panes. A customer reported hearing several pops against the window on Sept. 25 at 12:30 a.m.

4800 216th Pl. SW. Humane. Police received a complaint about a rooster. Police attempted to contact the owner of the home and left information about city codes related to chickens. The owner was instructed to remove the rooster.

5300 228th St. SW. Theft/vehicle recovery. A stolen vehicle out of Mountlake Terrace was recovered at the Recreation Pavilion parking lot.

Oct. 1

4600 block of 227th St. SW. Theft. A man reported the theft of several of his grandmother’s antique dishes from his room.

22000 53rd Ave. W. Malicious mischief. A custodian reported the downspout drainage catch for a portable building was damaged overnight. This incident was the latest in an on-going problem of malicious mischief incidents. The employee requested increased patrols.

23400 block of Lakeview Dr. Malicious mischief. A resident reported that her car had been keyed.

Oct. 2

5700 block of 215th Pl. SW. Theft. Two residents reported the theft of a weed wacker and a pressure washer. Both items were discovered missing on Sept. 30.

23200 block of 55th Ave. W. Theft. A resident said that the rear license plate was stolen from a vehicle either while it was parked in front of a residence or at the Mountlake Terrace Park and Ride.

23400 block of Lakeview Dr. Stolen vehicle recovery. A stolen car out of Mountlake Terrace was recovered. The owner reported no damage or stolen items.

23500 block of Lakeview Dr. Theft. A car was stolen from a parking lot during the night.

23400 block of Lakeview Dr. Theft. A car was reported stolen. The owner’s other vehicle also had been broken into.


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