Mountlake Terrace Planning Commission to hold work sessions on zoning code amendments and nonconforming use standards at Monday’s meeting


City-of-MLT-logoThe Mountlake Terrace Planning Commission has scheduled work sessions on zoning code amendments and non-conforming use standards at Monday’s meeting.

The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires that development regulations be consistent with and implement the adopted comprehensive plan. The City is evaluating its development regulations to determine whether they may need to be updated to assure consistency.

The Department of Commerce developed checklists that could be used to identify components of their plans and regulations that are specifically required by the GMA. The key questions the two checklists address are: Is this item addressed in the current plan or regulations, and is an amendment needed to meet a current GMA statute? The updated Comprehensive Plan, adopted in June 2015, fulfilled the comprehensive plan checklist items and was found to be consistent with the GMA requirements. The development regulations checklist has been evaluated by staff and some needed updates were identified.

The commission also will be discussing non-conforming use standards, an issue that has arisen in relation to Town Center development regulations. Two proposed changes are increasing the abandonment/termination period from the current six- month time period to a 12-month period to allow more reasonable time frame for marketing nonconforming properties before they can no longer be reoccupied and including provisions for nonconforming improvements such as pavement, landscaping and other improvements that are neither structures nor uses by definition.

The commission also will be continuing a discussion on proposed updates to the Transportation Code.

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at the Mountlake Terrace Interim City Hall, 6100 219th St. SW., Suite 220, second floor.


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