Mountlake Terrace HS September, October 2018 Students of the Month



Mountlake Terrace High

(Note: no additional details were provided for either of these students)

Dora Burbank

Marianne Nacanaynay


Mountlake Terrace High

Tangikina Fanguna - MTHSTangikina Fanguna
Mother’s Name: Tangiloto Motuliki
Father’s Name: Taniela Tonga
GPA: 3.4

Clubs & Activities: For the three years I have been at Mountlake Terrace High School, I have not joined any clubs but I plan to join one club this Fall. The club I plan to join is ECO Club at my school because they are a wonderful group of individuals who helping in our community. Activities wise I haven’t really gotten too involved but maybe down the line in school I will get more involved in school-related activities.
Awards: Rotary International Student of the Month last year
Community Service: I have not done any type of community service, but right now in my math for life class first period we are getting baggies of toiletries ready to take to homeless people at a place called Mary’s Place in Seattle. I do plan to volunteer at a soup kitchen here in Mountlake Terrace and also a food bank. Helping others is something I’m really passionate about.
Future Educational Goals: My goal would be to prepare to face situations that are difficult to handle because what I want to do in the near future involves some critical thinking and hardships. My other future educational goal is getting out of my bubble of being afraid to share in front of others because I know that in college and jobs there is a lot of speaking in front of others.
Future Career Goals: To be a Child and Family Social Worker. I want to help children or teen adults who struggle in their homes and other situations feel safe and know there are others out there to help them. I’d also like to make their living environment safe. My other goal is to be a nurse. I want to take care of elderly people. They need our help even if they refuse it. Helping the elderly is something I have always wanted to do. To make sure that someone’s mom or dad is being taken care of right is such a wonderful feeling.
Anything else we should know? My favorite type of music is rhythm & blues. I love macaroni and cheese. If I was the last one of earth and I had a too choose what to survive on it would be macaroni and cheese. I love being a teaching assistant for the counseling office and helping the attendance office with passes, too. I also love being a teaching assistant for the wonderful ladies in the chef room: Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. McFadden and Mrs. Anderson.

Sierra Clark - MTHSierra Clark

Mother’s Name: Wendy Clark
Father’s Name: Jay Clark
GPAL: 3.75
Clubs & Activities: Hawkeye
Community Service: I help take care of farm animals at Pasado’s Safe Haven and have volunteered at the Nile Nightmares Haunted House which raises money for Seattle Children’s Hospital.
Significant School Project: Staff writer, The Hawkeye; Link to student newspapers articles: ( all of the stories, photos and graphics that I have done)
Future Educational Goals: I have plans to attend Shoreline Community College in the fall
Future Career Goals: I want to be in or supporting the arts as a career.
Anything else we should know? Music has always been extremely important to me. I have a love and passion for metal and punk music more than I do for any other genre. I go to concerts at least monthly and I wouldn’t change it.

Project SEARCH
Cary Bucsit

Mother’s Name: Odette
Father’s Name: Ron
Athletics: Basketball
Community Service: Volunteer in the kitchen at Swedish Hospital
Significant School Project: Project Search
Future Career Goals: I like to work at Winco putting items on shelves
Anything else we should know? I’m traveling to Singapore for a family vacation. I like to have fun.

VOICE Program

Marisa Li Leung - VOICE Program - CopyMarisa Li Leung
Mother’s Name: Yue Zeng
Father’s Name: Wai Leung
Clubs & Activities: I enjoy spending time with my friends and doing activities in my community. I enjoy bowling, going out to restaurants with my friends, and potluck parties.
Athletics: Special Olympics bowling, basketball and soccer
Community Service: I have completed many internships while at the VOICE Transition Program. I have worked at Harbor Square, MOD Pizza, Mountlake Terrace Senior Center, Walgreens, and Chase Lake.
Current Employment: My current VOICE internships are at Walgreens and Urban Scrapbooker.
Future Career Goals: After graduation, I would like a job in a restaurant as a host and would like to continue working at Urban Scrapbooker.
Anything else we should know? I am always kind and nice to other people. I have worked hard to achieve my goals. I am responsible and have improved my communication skills and my school attendance.


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