Mountlake Terrace High School’s Students of the Month for June: Thu Phan and Conrad Bratz


Mountlake Terrace High School’s Students of the Month for June are Thu Phan and Conrad Bratz.

Thu Phan
Thu Phan

Student Name: Thu Phan
Mother’s Name: Suong Bui
Father’s Name: Duong Phan
GPA: 3.99362
Clubs & Activities:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Curriculum. Though it’s part of my curriculum, it’s significant to my high school career because it’s more than just learning in class. I participate in the program outside of class by presenting at STEM expositions and promoting the program so that upcoming students and their parents will know what is taught. At the end of my junior year, I gave a speech at the Foundation for Edmonds School District Annual Breakfast to promote the STEM program at our school. I’m also taking an extra class and doing a senior project involving the efficiency of the solar basin still. Recently, I have also participated in the Capital Regional Science and Engineering Fair.
  • National Honor Society: As secretary, I demonstrate leadership through planning meetings, showing good character, and participating in community service for the school and community. Being part of the National Honor Society gave me the opportunity to help fellow students by tutoring them with areas that they need help in.
  • Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS): The WAS Program Phase 1 is a curriculum in partnership with NASA that involves learning about past, current and future NASA missions, solving mathematical problems relating to space and researching sketching and designing my own space exploration programs that involved analytical thinking and creativity. The program sparked my interest in aeronautical engineering. I learned about the past and present rovers that are on Mars and about human space explorations. The most beneficial factor was the fact that the program enables me to design future explorations and take into account human health issues such as osteoporosis. I’m proud to be a part of this program because even though I don’t intend to major in aerospace, the program gave me a taste of what it’s like to be an engineer.
  • Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA): I volunteer and facilitate the local community through donation drives (e.g.: blood drive, toiletries drive) and help non-profit organizations.


  • Edmonds School District Leadership Award (Pre-Engineering). I received this award at the end of the 2014 school year for my participation and leadership in the STEM program. One part of it was due to me giving a speech at the Foundation for Edmonds School District Annual Breakfast promoting the STEM program at our school and encouraging the alumni to support it.
  • SnoKing-American Association of University Women 2014 STEM Scholar Award. This was also due to my participation and leadership in the STEM program at my school. It is a local award for girls who are passionate and involved in STEM activities. I received the AP Scholar Award with Distinction. This award is provided by College Board. It’s given to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. I qualified for this because I scored a 5 on two exams, 4 on two exams, and 3 on one exam.
  • Washington Aerospace Scholars Certificate of Achievement. I received this after my completion of Phase 1 of the WAS program.
  • Third-Place in Environmental Sciences at the Central Sound Science and Engineering Fair (CRSEF). In early March of 2015, my partner and I presented our senior project at the CRSEF in which was categorized in different groups. Our project involves the distillation of water so we were grouped into the Environmental Sciences category and within that category (a total of about 10 groups), our project came third-place.

Community Service:

  • Patient Access ER at Swedish Edmonds Hospital. As a Patient Access ER, I provide quality service to patients and visitors who enter the ER by taking patients to their room, give directions to visitors and provide assistance to the nurses and staff members. It’s significant to me because I got to help people and gain new experience. I learned how the ER works and how to help people who are in need, even if it’s small things like providing water or directions. I also learned how to be calm in the hectic situation that is the ER.


  • As a tutor, I come in afterschool or during PASS (in between periods where students get 30 minutes to work) and help my peers and underclassmen with subjects that they struggle with. Not only did this benefit my peers, the experience helped me learn how to get across the main idea of the subject or topic. I always believe that the best way to learn something or to grasp an idea is through teaching another person about it, so tutoring my peers was a great way for me to learn new things that I’ve missed in the past. It also made me realize that not everyone is as privileged as I am to have parents who care about my education (which in turn helped me do well in school), and that there are always ways for students to help one another, whether it is in science or math.
  • Teacher’s Assistant at Hazelwood Elementary School: I was able to assist the teacher with tasks that would’ve made her stay at school later to finish. As an assistant, I facilitated the teacher with, the task of printing & organizing documents/homework, grading homework, creating examples for classroom projects, organizing the classroom, and getting students to be on task.

Significant School Project: Engineering Design & Development Class Senior Project. The goal of the EDD class year-long project was to select a problem in the world, then try to solve it using what we know. My project was titled “Increasing the Efficiency of the Basin Still.” A basin still is a type of solar distillation system that utilizes sunlight to evaporate dirty water and then collects the potable water in the end. Our goal in this project was to increase the efficiency of the system and increase the water output per day. Although we ended up not achieving our goal, I took away from this project the experience of being an engineer and also the persistence of sticking to one project and working on it for the whole year.
Future Educational Goals: I plan to go to the University of Washington-Seattle and pursue first a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering. I also plan to join the many organizations that UW offers, like the UW Engineers Without Borders, and Society of Civil Engineers.
Future Career Goals: After my education at the UW, I would like to use the knowledge that I gained from the school and pursue my career goal as a Civil Engineer.

Conrad Bratz
Conrad Bratz

Student Name: Conrad Bratz

Mother’s Name: Leona Bratz
Father’s Name: David Bratz
GPA: 3.51
Clubs & Activities: National Honor Society; select baseball, rec basketball, skiing, Office Assistant for Main Office and Counseling Office
Athletics: 2011-Cross Country JV; 2012-Track V; Cross Country V; 2013-Track V, Cross Country V; 2014- Track V; Cross Country V; 2015- Track V
Honors: Edmonds School District Scholar Athlete; MTHS SBC athlete of the month; Cross Country Captain, senior year and Track Captain, senior year
Awards: Coaches Award for Cross Country and Track-2011, 2012, 2014; 8th in District 800 meters (2013); 6th in Wesco and in District for the 800 meters and 4 by 400 meters (2014); Top 40 finish at Portland Meadows Nike PreNationals
Community Service: Volunteered for 4 years with the the Sports Booster Club Drive Event; Volunteered for Snohomish Country Legal Services’ 5K run, volunteered with the Goodwill Drive, tutored at MTHS and ELearning Lab.
Future Educational Goals: I will be attending Western Washington University and hope to major in Recreation/Tourism/Business
Future Career Goals: I plan to to run track at Western and get a Bachelor’s degree. After college, I would like a career that allows me to travel and work with people.
Anything else we should know? I have been proud to be a Terrace Hawk. I have been to two Katy Perry concerts in my life. I like to play chess. I enjoyed doing toe-touches at the Hawks’ football games. I have been a long-time Yankees and Seahawks fan.