Mountlake Terrace High Band Director named February ‘Educator of Month’

Darin Faul
Darin Faul
Darin Faul, band director at Mountlake Terrace High School, was named the February Rotary Club of Alderwood Terrace Educator of the Month.

Faul, the school’s band director since 1997, has been instrumental in leading the school’s Jazz and Instrumental Music programs to regional and national prominence. Principal Greg Schwab said Fault is a great teacher.

“Students learn at very high levels in his classes,” he said, in nominating Faul for the award. “He is able to create the conditions where students learn and grow as musicians. Under his direction, his students become incredibly talented musical groups, all working together to create some amazing music.”


  1. why doesnt he ever contribute to the the city and community to provide a few musicians for our tour de terrace parade. we the community go to school functions and it would be nice if you and your music gave a little to us. we have been doing tdt for 21 years and have never had your representation and the community is always asking, “where is our high school music contribution?”

  2. Are the free concerts we put on with world class guest artists at the high school not considered giving to the community?

  3. Judi, I don’t know any Students at Mountlake Terrace High School that are attending school during the summer. I also don’t believe he is getting paid to work during your event in July. This is their well earned vacation time and like mentioned above they do put on free concerts at the high school. You are using “We” like you are talking for all of us. I know that is not the case. Maybe if you asked with a little “Grace” and “ahead of time” something could get planned. It takes a lot of planning and practice to participate in parades!

  4. Yeah, there band coach. Can’t you just dispatch a few of your players in late July. Our disadvantaged parade is on the tip of everyone’s tongue – at Terrace Park PTA meetings, in the hot tub at the Rec Pavilion, at ribbon cutting ceremonies and car washes; I think I even saw it mentioned on cardboard by a freeway panhandler. If you don’t get on this real soon, the Mayor’s gonna have to invoke emergency powers providing for two beer gardens instead of just one at next Summer’s festivities.

  5. Is it always about getting paid?! When I was in high school (admittedly in the last century during the folk era) the opportunity to get together and sing and play our guitars/banjos/basses in the summer was a welcomed one. We went all over the place, from the British Isles to Israel to Leavenworth, at our OWN expense. Not required attendance (obviously) BUT A FUN THING TO DO and a privilege! We, nor our choir director was paid a thing! Believe me, kids with an interest in music stay in touch in the summer.

    Good suggestion Judy!

    Kathy Peterson, Mountlake Terrace


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