Mountlake Terrace drivers face steep insurance increase after DUI, according to Nerdwallet report


nerdwalletWashington state ranks 25th in the nation for the highest number of drunk driving fatalities, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In addition to serious danger, drunk driving can incur large financial costs.

Consumer advocacy website NerdWallet wanted to figure out just how much being a convicted of a DUI could ultimately cost drivers. To calculate the “true cost” of getting a DUI in Washington, NerdWallet looked at four associated costs:
  • The fine
  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Ignition interlock device fees
  • Insurance premium increases

Mountlake Terrace drivers face steep car insurance premium increases after they receive DUIs. Residents of Mountlake Terrace, located just north of Seattle, pay an average of $990.75 for car insurance but, after a DUI, they can expect their yearly premiums to increase by $546.79 to $1,537.54. In total, Mountlake Terrace residents will pay $2,733.95 more for car insurance over the course of their penalty.

According to a 2012 report from the state of Washington, Snohomish County had the state’s third-highest number of traffic fatalities—34 that year. The county had seven fewer fatalities than Pierce County, though they had about 700 more traffic accidents.

Tacoma, University Place and Lakewood were the top three cities in Washington state.

See the entire report here.


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