Mountlake Terrace City Council approves 2015 Comp Plan


City-of-MLT-logoThe Mountlake Terrace City Council unanimously approved the 2015 Comprehensive Plan update during Monday’s meeting.

The Comprehensive Plan is a broad-based 20-year plan that guides the city’s livability. Every eight years, the city is required to do a major update to the Comprehensive Plan. The approval meant that the update met the State’s deadline of completing work by the end of June 2015.

“I’d like to thank the community for providing input on this important planning document as well as the staff, Planning Commission and my colleagues on the City Council for their hard work on this project over the past year,” said Mayor Jerry Smith.

“It really is important because this plan really reiterates the vision and the goals that we have for our community,” said Councilmember Bryan Wahl. “It provides policies for us to help implement the plan, the action steps to achieve our goals and the performance measures necessary to keep us on track. This is a tremendous important document.”

The Plan is designed to accommodate projected population and employment growth through the year 2035. The projections indicate the city would grow from 20,909 to 24,767 residents (2012-2035) and provide 9,468 jobs, up from 7,174 jobs (2013-2035).

One issue that was resolved during Monday’s meeting had to do with the elimination of the word “retail” in regards businesses in the “Actions to Take” section of the Economic Vitality Element.

The passage will read “In 2016, identify through a more focused market study for Mountlake Terrace opportunities for attracting businesses to the City, particularly those types of businesses that can be supported by the more localized population and geographic area of the City.”

The adopted Plan includes goals, policies, and a land use map that indicates where land use districts (such as single family, community business, or industrial areas) are located throughout the city. Also, actions to take, as well as capital investment needs, are identified to achieve the Plans’ vision. The Plan is consistent with regional requirements and state laws. This makes the city eligible for local, state and federal grants that could help implement the Plan.

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the Comprehensive Plan after its May 26 public hearing. The City Council held public hearings on June 1 and 15. Copies of the Comprehensive Plan elements are posted on a special webpage for the 2015 major update at


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