Mountlake Senior Living Apartments now open

Construction crews have been replaced by movers as the 96-unit Mountlake Senior Living Apartments opened earlier this month in Mountlake Terrace.

The senior living community at 5525 244th St. SW. is the newest operated by the Senior Housing Assistance Group (SHAG), a non-profit organization that operates rental apartments for low- and moderate-income seniors in Western Washington.

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–Story and photos by Doug Petrowski

  1. Just because SHAG doesn’t accept Section 8 doesn’t mean they aren’t low income. Section 8 is just a program that often helps those with low income, but remember not everyone who is low income qualifies or is approved for Section 8. Even people who do qualify find it difficult as there are often wait lists and limited vouchers to give away.

  2. I wish they would have provided adequate on-site parking for the residents and guests of the new SHAG housing complex. Parked cars now line 244th SW/205th NE for blocks. The city of Shoreline has had to put in no parking signs at various cross streets because the parked cars were causing limited views of the street and cars were unable to exit from 20th, 21st, 22nd and 24th NE safely. Even with the no parking signs visibility is limited. The line of parked cars is unsightly and the people jay-walking from their cars to SHAG are a danger to motorists and themselves. Did the project developers and the Mountlake Terrace and/or Snohomish County planners take into consideration the effect this development would have on the rest of the community including their Shoreline neighbors? I’m worried that someone is going to get hit by a car crossing the street on some dark and rainy night with limited visibility. All because SHAG did not provide adequate on-site parking.

    1. Karren, I agree with you. There are always people crossing in the middle of the street trying to cross. I’m surprised that the City of MLT didn’t require more parking. I also feel that this is the reason that the anchor business space in the (not so) new building at the corner of 236th and 56th still doesn’t have a tenant -inadequate parking near this building.

  3. Yes, makes you wonder WHY this wasn’t required by the City of MLT in the permitting process?! The council should look into this.

  4. This is senior housing, although at 55+ I’d say calling it ‘senior’ is pushing it. There are 96 units in the development and the parking garage has 55 spaces (source: Some of the spaces are for EV and some are guest spaces.

    For senior housing, there’s a decision – justified or not – that not much more than half of the units will have a resident who owns a vehicle, when this few spaces are permitted. This may be true for residents of “assisted-living” types of senior housing, but not for something merely 55+, which probably has a lot of active, if perhaps less than wealthy, residents.

    The small number of parking spaces for this development were no accident. It was by design. I don’t know what the exact district zoning for this property is but for multifamily under 19.35.090 there should be between 1 and 2 off-street parking spaces per unit, PLUS one guest space per 10 units. After subtracting guest spaces, it looks like the development in question was permitted with only 0.5 residential parking spaces per unit. Perhaps Mr. DeKoekkoek, if he’s reading, can check my math.

    It’s unfortunate that residents affected by this are only now catching what the City has allowed to occur, instead of during the permitting process. There’s a difference between assisted-living situations and 55+ communities, one that citizens can ask the City Council to make clear to the Planning Department, and Planning Commission, in the future.

    1. More than likely, a lot of those “senior” couples who may be living in a 1 bedroom unit have 2 cars. At 55+, many of those tenants are not retired and still own and drive a car. 55 parking spaces for 96 units is ridiculous!

      1. It is ridiculous. Mountlake Terrace officials want this town to be considered an upscale hometown feeling and bring in more residents. But no place for their cars. So push out homeowners parking all around these “condos”. That is so stupid.

  5. Limited parking is happening everywhere that they are building condos and apartments. A new 19 unit complex is going to go up on the corner of 54th and 329th in my neighborhood. I am concerned that there will be limited parking for these residents. Can’t we do something about this.

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