Monterra Development Construction Continues


Construction continues on the Monterra townhouse development on 48th Ave W in Mountlake Terrace. Read more about the Monterra development here.


  1. Monterra Townhomes as of October 4 2010 looked as if work had stopped on this. Saw 2 pickup trucks loaded with chairs, etc. that were in the garage of the model home.
    Has the project shut down?

  2. They look very nice when I looked at the floorplans and drove by here. But sorry, this is economic and housing meltdown NO ONE is going to pay 250k for a 2bed 2bath townhome in mlt. Go up north a little you can get single maily house in lynnwood or everett for same price or less. And STILL they don’t sell. Prices need to drop drastically, its just a really terrible time to put these up.

    • King, Have you actually gone inside the model townhome? I have and was appalled. First you go up a long narrow staircase to get to the 2nd floor from the garage. THEN if you want to lie down it’s ANOTHER staircase up to the bedroom(s). Imagine doing this after a long day, and hauling in groceries.
      The furniture I saw in the trucks was from their sales offices located in the model home garages.
      So if they HAVE shut down, what about those who’ve purchased already .. only 6 out of the 18 completed units.

    • Today Oct. 5 there are no more Windermere signs but a new one: THE EXCELL CORPORATION is now the R.E. agent, it looks like. Cannot find where they originate, possibly New Zealand.
      Several garage doors were open and I could see the interiors still not finished. All the ‘SOLD’ signs have been removed, also.
      There appears to be not a sign that any work is being done here.


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