MLT’s Caulfield finalist for City of Lakewood City Manager post

John Caulfield
John Caulfield

Mountlake Terrace City Manager John Caulfield is one of six finalists being considered to fill the vacant City Manager post at the City of Lakewood.

Caulfield and the other five finalists will be in the Pierce County city just south of Tacoma on Monday and Tuesday, June 17 and 18, for a series of candidate receptions and interview sessions. The Lakewood City Council has a special public meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening, and plans for an executive session later that same evening, but it is unknown if any final decision on hiring for the position will be made at that time.

Jeff Brewster, City of Lakewood Director of Communications, said a choice for City Manager may not come until later this summer. “The city council has said it is more important for them to get the right person for the position than it is to fill it quickly,” he stated.

Lakewood’s former City Manager Andrew Neiditz left the post in January to become Executive Director of South Sound 911, the consolidated public safety point for 911 and records management for a number of Pierce County jurisdictions. City Attorney Heidi Wachter is currently serving as the interim City Manager for Lakewood and is not one of the six finalists for the position.

Caulfield has served as City Manager for Mountlake Terrace since January 2006. Previously he had held a number of positions for the City of University Place from 1997 to 2006, and for the City of Federal Way from 1991 to 1997. He has a MBA from Seattle University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Boston University.

— By Doug Petrowski


  1. i would certainly hate to see John go to another city. He brought to our city everything we had not ever experienced before. He saw what our city had and embellished on it. Look at our parks, look at our streets, look at our growth, look at our pride in our city. When we have everything we never look at what we have.
    We now have a great city manager, and a great city council that is moving forward with great plans for the future, trying to do the things that the majority of its citizens want to happen. We want to see our city prosper, especially with a downtown and gathering place. We still can do this, even if our crowning glory (our city hall) has to be a rental building.

    Judi smith

  2. Respectfully Ms. Smith, should you not be addressing him as City Manager Caulfield or City Manager. To address him in any other manner is a sign of disrespect. As far as him looking for another City to work for I do not blame him. After recommending that they not run that proposition in April, the council ignored him and put it on the ballot anyway. We wouldn’t have to be renting if the voters were being listened to. You lost, now get over it and lets see what we can do to make this city move forward.

  3. I remember Mayor Smith asking at the time of Mr. Caulfield’s hiring what was wrong with the former city manager. As far as this city manager’s accomplishments cited by the Ms. Smith (all of which are true), maybe the question to ask is why did it take a new city manager to clean up our parks and re-emphasize the condition of our streets? Aren’t such realignments of priorities the responsibility of the city council no matter who is city manager? Who exactly runs the city?


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