MLTnews is On Vacation!


You may or may not know this but MLTnews is, for the most part, run by one person. Over the past almost 2 1/2 years we haven’t gone more than a couple days without posting a news story on MLTnews. After just wrapping up a very, very busy season in life and welcoming a beautiful new daughter to my family I’ve decided that I need to take a short break from the frequent MLTnews posts.

From now until some time around September 1st, here’s what’s going to happen.

  • Posts on will be infrequent and likely only major news and some breaking news items will be posted.
  • I’ll still be checking email and following up on major tips but things like event postings and smaller news items won’t be posted until September.
  • All current advertisers will get the month of August for free since we anticipate traffic will be lower.
  • If you have info you want to get out to the Mountlake Terrace community, post it on our Facebook Page and we will likely be reposting these items on our Facebook pageduring August to share with our readers.
  • UnfortunatelyI won’t be spending this vacation in Hawaii so I’ll still be around town. Feel free to say hi if you see me.
  • Keep up to date with City happenings from the official Twitter and Facebook accounts for the City of Mountlake Terrace.
  • If you have questions aboutanythingMountlake Terrace relatedjustask on our Facebook page because there are generally lots of people willing to chime in.

Thanks for reading MLTnews!

Dustin DeKoekkoek Editor

Photo by Kenny Louie via Flickr using a CC-BY license.


  1. I am glad that you had a great vacation, I’m sure you needed it. I am appreciative to you as a candidate and citizen for creating this site because its our way as a community to be informed. I’m glad to see you back and hope your family is doing well!




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