MLT police officers recognized for service

From left, Sergeant Kevin Pickard, Officer Kat Brecht, Sergeant Pat Lowe and Chief Greg Wilson.
From left, Sergeant Kevin Pickard, Officer Kat Brecht, Sergeant Pat Lowe and Chief Greg Wilson.

The leadership of the City of Mountlake Terrace Police Department recognized three members of their staff earlier this week with the 2013 Presentation of Awards at the City Council’s Dec. 16 meeting.

Police Chief Greg Wilson awarded Officer Kat Brecht a Police Chief’s Citation for her work conducted for the 2013 Recreational Vehicle Survey. While on limited duty, Brecht also put together a training program on identity theft that was well received. Brecht’s husband, mother-in-law and new baby were in attendance as she received her award.

Sergeant Pat Lowe received a Police Chief’s Citation for his development and presentation of the Home Defense and Firearm Safety Seminar held quarterly. More than 200 people attended the seminars over the past two years. “I would like to recognize Sergeant Lowe for his contribution to police/community relations,” said Wilson.

Sergeant Kevin Pickard was awarded the 2013 Police Department Employee of the Year. “He has been a constant within the department; whatever assignment he has been given, he has taken a sincere interest in it,” said Chief Wilson. “I appreciate his willingness to take on those assignments and learn about them to the best of his ability.” Sergeant Pickard’s mom, wife and daughter were on hand as he received his award.


  1. That is so awsome go mlt police department thank you for your great service never be forgotten rip all the officer’s we have already lost

  2. I attended this meeting, and let me tell you, the first twenty minutes was a shameless lovefest for the Police. It was a lot of self-congratulatory back slapping and hand holding. The entire Police command was present, along with another five uniformed officers and the young lady in civvies. I found myself wondering how many of these officers were on the clock for this ceremony.
    Jerry Smith is the mayor of Mountlake Terrace and sits on the Council, as well. He is also Chief Wilson’s boss and, therefore, the de facto head of the Police Department.
    Try voicing to the Council any criticism or concerns you may have with the Police Department and you will be summarily dismissed. Chief Wilson’s response to me was essentially to say, as if issuing a dare.You don’t like it? Take it up with the Feds. Mayor Smith similarly treated allegations of civil rights violations as if they were a joke. “Yeah, you just go ahead and do whatever it is you wanna do.”
    I plan on it.


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