MLT Police Blotter: Nov. 30-Dec. 6

Nov. 30

21900 block of 64thAvenue West: A man who was previously arrested for making threats against Oregon Division of Homeland Security office called the Muscular Dystrophy Association and ranted about wanting to sue the hospital and the division of homeland security.

22800 block of 48thPlace West: A woman received a call from someone who she thought was Apple Support instructing her to buy a $100 Best Buy gift card and a $2,000 Google Play gift card and to forward the gift card information Apple Support. She then realized she was being scammed.

22100 block of 67thPlace West: A man’s mailbox was knocked over overnight.

Dec. 1

23000 block of 66thAvenue West: A man reported that he was following a suspected drunk driver through Edmonds and into Mountlake Terrace. The man followed the vehicle to a residence, where the woman driver got out of her vehicle and ran into the residence saying a car was following her. The reporting police officer could not confirm the woman driver was drunk and may have been driving erratically to get rid of the man who was following her. They arranged for someone to pick up the woman and take her home.

6000 block of 244thStreet Southwest: The reporting police officer noticed a suspect vehicle whose driver had multiple warrants and two violations, expired registration and failure to transfer title within 45 days. When the officer attempted to pull over the vehicle and receive his license in the Studio 6 Apartments, the suspect vehicle floored the gas pedal of his vehicle, almost hitting another parked vehicle. He was cited with operating a motor vehicle without insurance, failure to obey an officer, reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

Dec. 2

22600 block of 56thAvenue West: A pickup truck collided into two vehicles, which were parallel parked to the sidewalk, and fled the scene.

24300 block of 56thAvenue West: A large U-Haul truck backed into a space at EZ Corner Mart and hit the building with his vehicle. The driver was seen exiting his vehicle to look at the damage and then leaving the scene.

Dec. 3

4800 block of 221st Street Southwest: Police responded to a report of a dog threatening a pedestrian. The dog, which had been declared as potentially dangerous in October, was confiscated and transferred to PAWS, where she will be on protective hold until directed otherwise. The owner of the dog was prosecuted for failure of complying with potential dangerous dog requirements.

6000 block of 244th Street Southwest: A customer at Studio 6 Apartments used a stolen credit card number to pay for a room.

21400 block of 48thAvenue West: A woman was arrested for domestic violence assault.

Dec. 4

5600 block of 238thStreet Southwest: A man reported that someone egged his house for the second time this month.

22800 block of Cedar Way: A motor vehicle was stolen while it was locked and parked in front of the owner’s apartment.

5800 block of 224thStreet Southwest: A vehicle was towed for being in violation of storing a vehicle on a public street for over 72 hours and abandoning a vehicle with flat tires.

Dec. 6

23200 block of 56thAvenue West: A vehicle was pulled over for speeding. The driver and passenger both had multiple warrants and were found with drug paraphernalia. Both were arrested on their warrants.

— Compiled by Hannah Horiatis

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