MLT freeway bus station closed for digging this weekend

The location of work to be  done.
The location of work to be done.

The southbound platform of the Mountlake Terrace freeway bus station will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, March 16 and 17, for digging of a well at the station. Riders of Community Transit routes 511 and 512 are advised to make the necessary adjustments to their travel to allow for the closure. The bus will operate; they just won’t make a southbound stop at the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center

Sound Transit is having a well dug just south of the bus platforms to establish a permanent source of water for the station. The water will be used for cleaning and pressure washing the platforms, said Sound Transit spokesperson Bruce Gray. “Our facilities people decided that after bringing in water by trucks, this was going to be a more economical and practical way for cleaning the platforms,” Gray added.

Community Transit had twice previously announced weekend closures of the southbound platform over the past two months only to have the project postponed at the last minute. The agency made the unusual move to wait until the Friday before construction was to begin this time to make sure the contractor was not going to postpone the work again.

The well digging and accompanying infrastructure work has a price tag of $160,000. This weekend is the two-year anniversary of the opening of the freeway platforms. Although utilized by Sound Transit and Community Transit buses now, the platforms may also become a station for the Sound Transit light rail Lynnwood Link, expected to be operating by 2023.


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