MLT City Council to begin discussing city hall options at Monday meeting

The City of MLT interim city hall.
The City of MLT interim city hall.

The Mountlake Terrace City Council will begin discussing options on how to pay for renting space for Interim City Hall at its July 1 meeting. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Interim City Council Chambers, located at 6100-219th St. S.W., Suite 220.

City officials say there is no funding available beginning in 2014 to continue renting space at the Redstone Building for Interim City Hall.  Most city revenue (91 percent) is legally restricted or dedicated to legal mandates, leaving only 9 percent as unrestricted to provide basic services such as public safety and park services, officials stated in a press release.

Some of the options under consideration include a property tax levy lid lift ballot measure to continue renting an Interim City Hall, a reallocation of existing resources to include service cuts, or a combination of a property tax increase and some service cuts.


  1. Wow so we all vote on not increasing taxes so they find another way to increase them anyway. Why don’t you just rent a cheaper space? That has to be the most expensive office space in Mountlake Terrace. Or maybe we shouldn’t have an elected Mayor & a city Manager…. Just sayin’.




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