MLT City Council OKs purchase of new eductor truck

An eductor truck similar to the one the city is purchasing.
An eductor truck similar to the one the city is purchasing.

The Mountlake Terrace City Council gave its approval Monday for the purchase of a new $373,365 eductor truck, a vehicle used to clean underground water and sewer pipes and to remove debris and sediments from storm and catch basins.

The new truck, being purchased from Owen Equipment in Kent, will be replacing a 12-year-old vehicle that the city has racked up 111,000 miles and 5,855 engine hours on. “Based on past experience, we have determined this is the optimal time to replace the equipment while it still has significant surplus value and we can avoid costly repairs of the engine, pump, transmission or vehicle suspension, which can be expected if we try to extend the vehicle life cycle,” stated a City of Mountlake Terrace staff report.

After an independent appraisal set the value of the city’s used educator truck at between $55,000 and $75,000, the city agreed to trade it in for a $65,000 credit toward the purchase of a new truck. The city had budgeted to replace the aging educator truck in 2014.

The city owns and operates two educator trucks and uses them on a daily basis for vacuum cleaning water, sewer and stormwater pipes and utility basins, city officials said.


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