MLT City Council approves vision and goals for 2014-16

The Mountlake Terrace City Council.
The Mountlake Terrace City Council.

In a move to re-emphasize its commitment to balanced budgets, support of economic growth, desire for new public facilities and communicating with city residents, the Mountlake Terrace City Council unanimously approved a Vision and Goals for 2014-2016 document at its June 2 council meeting.

The seven-page document lists six goals of the current city council, with general action strategies for each goal. The six goals are:

1)    Protect and enhance city’s financial health and stability while maintaining appropriate and essential public services in a cost-effective manner.

2)    General economic development throughout the community.

3)    Implement downtown “Main Street” revitalization project.

4)    Review, prioritize and implement capital infrastructure projects to include the development of a strategy to address the city’s adding public facilities.

5)    Implement civic center plan to include financing options for voter consideration.

6)    Develop and implement effective communication and outreach with the community.

The goals were compiled from discussions that took place at the city council’s special five-hour work/study session on May 17, and will provide direction for development of the 2015-2016 proposed biennial city budget to be adopted later this year, city officials said.

City Manager Arlene Fisher stressed that the city has been actively involved in working towards meeting all of the goals stated in the document. “Obviously, what’s most important is the fiscal health and stability of the city, as well as doing our essential public services,” Fisher said.

Fisher called the need for generating economic development in the city “key,” and noted that plans for the “Main Street” revitalization project of 56th Avenue West in the downtown core are now 30% complete.

While construction of a new civic center to house city hall offices and a remodeled police station remains high on the priority list of councilmember, Fisher hinted that there will be no public vote on a municipal bond issue to finance such a project during the next 18 months. “The direction given was that we would, first of all, rescope the project – take a look at what we need and what we don’t need – and then possibly going out and looking for the public support in 2016,” Fisher state.

You can view the entire City Council Vision and Goals 2014-2016 document here.

— By Doug Petrowski


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