MLT City Council approves leadership restructuring following Sarcletti’s retirement


The Mountlake Terrace City Council approved a restructuring of some leadership positions at City Hall Monday night, deciding not to fill a vacancy created by the recent retirement of former Recreation and Parks Director Don Sarcletti.

Duties formerly assigned to the Recreation and Parks Director position are now the responsible of Recreation Supervisor Jeff Betz and Public Works Director Curt Brees. Betz’s position was reclassified as Recreation Manager; in addition to overseeing all Youth and Adult Programs Betz will take on the management of all Recreation operations, including Aquatics and Support Service. Brees loses his Public Works Director title and will now fill a second Assistant City Manager position; he will be responsible for Public Works and the Parks Maintenance Division, in addition to supervising the new Recreation Manager post.

Both Betz and Brees will get pay raises with the additional responsibilities, but city officials note that the additional compensation totals less than half of the approximate $108,000 compensation that Sarcletti was receiving as Recreation and Parks Director.

— Story by Doug Petrowski



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