Reminder: MLT candidates’ forum Monday

Terry Ryan
Terry Ryan
Robert Reedy
Robert Reedy

Two Mountlake Terrace groups are co-hosting a candidates’ forum to help prepare city voters for this year’s General Election; the event is scheduled to take place on Monday, Oct. 14, 6-8 p.m. at the Mountlake Terrace First Baptist Church, 22800-56th Ave. W.

The First Baptist Church and the Mountlake Terrace Senior Center are co-hosting the forum and have invited the two candidates running for Snohomish County Council District Position 4 — Terry Ryan and Robert Reedy — and the eight candidates running for five Mountlake Terrace City Council positions.

Seniors are invited to email potential questions to be asked of the various candidates during the forum; send your questions to [email protected].


  1. By sending in your questions in advance of the forum the moderator can screen them and pick those that “they” see fit. The candidates have time to prepare a canned response and the citizens loose the spontaneity of a reply that has not been rehearsed.

    Charles Ham
    Resident MLT

  2. Thank you Senior Citizen’s Center and 1st Baptist Church for the opportunity to speak to the public tonight as Candidate for City Council Position #4. I truly appreciate the opportunity for the community to start to get to know me as more than a sign on the street, a comment in MLTNews, or a Facebook page…..

    I ask the community to contact me at my email address…[email protected]
    if there are comments or questions they may have that I did not get the opportunity to respond to.

    And in response to Mr. Ham’s comment…I did my “homework”..I studied the issues that have been presented to the community over the last year…yes, I wrote my notes…and then when called to the microphone, the notes went away, and I answered extemporaneously from the soul of my beliefs..there were no rehearsed answers, no data spewing from 5 years ago, no canned response…and if I am elected to the council, I will continue to open and honest with my constituents.


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