Menorah lighting ceremony marks third day of Hanukkah

    Lighting candles before singing Singing traditional Hanukkah songs.
    A child enjoys a doughnut.
    Gifts such as chocolate coins were given at the Fifth Annual Public Menorah Lighting Ceremony.
    Rabbi Berel Paltiel installing candles on the 9-foot Menorah.
    Lighting candles before singing Singing traditional Hanukkah songs.
    Lynnwood Mayor Nicola Smith: “Please stand with us to help this community be as safe as we can make it. We are trying to bring good to this community; we are trying to bring good leadership. We are trying to bring you good places to learn. We are trying to bring you good jobs. We really do want to share the light as far as we can with our community.”

    A group of about 100 people braved cold temperatures and rain Sunday night to observe the third day of Hanukkah during the Fifth Annual Menorah Lighting ceremony at Lynnwood City Hall.

    Attendees sang songs such as “Chanukah, Oh Chanukah,” and “I Have a Little Dreidel.”

    Speakers included Lynnwood Mayor Nicola Smith and Lynnwood Police Chief Tom Davis. A fire show performance followed.

    This year, Hanukkah started on Dec. 24. It is the annual Jewish Festival of Lights, lasting eight days. Each night, a candle is lit on the Menorah, representing the eight nights that a very limited amount of oil lasted miraculously for the Jewish people in fighting the Greek army in 165 BC.

    People also celebrate by exchanging gifts, playing with dreidels, singing traditional Hanukkah songs, and eating jelly-filled donuts, latkes (potato cakes), and chocolate gelt (coins).

    This is the first time since 1978 that Christmas and Hanukkah fall on the same weekend. That won’t happen again until 2027.

    The Chabad Jewish Center of Snohomish County sponsored the event.

    — Story and photos by David Carlos


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