Meet the local business: Tree House Dentistry for Kids


1. What is your business name? Tree House Dentistry for Kids

2. What products and/or service does your business provide? Dental care for infants and children (ages 0-18). We typically do a Knee-to-Knee exam for infants, and we have a “transitional” bench for the toddlers, which seems to be less intimidating than a traditional dental chair. Our ceiling-mounted TVs and headphones are great at “distracting” kids during treatment, and we also offer multiple levels of in-office sedation (from “laughing gas” to General Anesthesia).

3. How long have you been in business? Since December 2016. (almost a year!)

4. How many employees do you have? One employee, our dental assistant Yessica. She is a great assistant and an awesome mom!

5. Any unique/interesting features about your business that you would like to mention? We are big into making dentistry “less intimidating” (maybe even fun!) for kids and parents. If kids and parents are less intimidated, then we have a better chance of preventing cavities before they happen. We really like to emphasize that kids should have their first visit as soon as their first tooth comes in (usually between the age of 6 months to 1 year). These “early” visits serve many purposes: 1. It can help prevent cavities; 2. We can help educate parents and offer helpful tips for brushing and nutrition at home; 3. Kids get comfortable coming to the dentist—it’s just part of a routine that happens twice a year. This way if they do get a cavity, it’s not the end of the world! We have a better chance of fixing these teeth and we are able to offer more options in terms of treatment planning. Whatever your kids’ dental needs, we’re here to help, anytime. We never want our parents to feel alone during a dental emergency; so, we also have an emergency cellphone, where we can be reached anytime.

6. Are you fully staffed or will you be looking to hire more employees? We’re growing fast and will be looking to add some team members shortly—only awesome people should inquire!

7. Business address, phone and website:
20214 Ballinger Way NE, Shoreline, WA 98155
Regular hours: 206-466-6250
After hours/emergency 206-466-8856


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