Marko Liias Announces Run for Congress


State Representative Marko Liias (D-21) officially announced on Tuesday that he is running for Congress in the 1st District of Washington State.

“I’m going to run a people-powered campaign,” said Liias. “Middle-class families need a fighter right now — someone who will fight for jobs, protect Social Security and Medicare, and fight back against special interest influence. That’s what I’ve done in the Legislature and that’s what I’ll do in Congress.”

In a video emailed to his supporters, Liias talks about how he believes hard-working Washington families deserve a voice in Congress who will stand up for jobs, Social Security and Medicare, and that he will work to create a strong middle class and help small businesses grow.

He talks about how he believes the Wisconsin experience taught Americans that special interests are hurting working families, and those families need strong advocates\.

As a life long Washington resident, born at Stevens Hospital in Edmonds, Liias says that he understands the challenges that communities and families are facing and will bring their stories, voices, and values to Congress.


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