No marijuana business at 212th and 44th, leasing agent says

This space at 4311-212th St. S.W. will not be home to a marijuana xx.
This space at 4311-212th St. S.W. will not be home to a retail marijuana store.

As the Washington State Liquor Control Board continues to process applications for state marijuana business licenses, the number of applicants with ties to Mountlake Terrace continues to grow. But one possible location for a retail marijuana outlet in the city has been ruled out, as a representative of the strip mall at 212th Street Southwest and 44th Avenue West said they will not lease space there for a pot store.

The liquor control board has processed thousands of applications for businesses wanting to grow, process or sell marijuana since the opportunity to apply for a license closed last month. The number of applicants wanting to sell pot in Mountlake Terrace is up to seven. One of those, 420 Pot Stop, appears out of the running to open a store at the address they listed on their state application, 4311-212th Street SW #100.

“We have no intention of leasing to any marijuana business,” commercial leasing agent Ken Walters said last week.

Walters represents the private owner of the commercial buildings on the northeast corner of 212th Street Southwest and 44th Avenue West. The independent leasing agent has had inquiries from two different parties about leasing space in the strip mall for the purpose of establishing a retail marijuana outlet, but in each case the building owner has told him to say no to those types of businesses.

“We have passed on all offers from operators along any of those lines,” Walters said, adding that the owner of the complex doesn’t feel that marijuana sales would fit in with the present enterprises located there.

“Little Caesar’s is a nice family business; the vet is a nice family business; the coffee shop is a nice family business,” Walter said. “We don’t want to disturb our family businesses. Any new business in that location would need to complement our existing tenants.”

“We’re proud of it,” Walter said of the commercial strip mall. “It’s a nice addition to Mountlake Terrace and we would like to keep it that way.”

Here are the six other state license applicants currently on the state’s list that may get the chance to sell marijuana in Mountlake Terrace:
• High Times LLC, 24007-56th Ave. W.
• Peranos, 24121-56th Ave. W.
• Phat Sacks Corporation, 22001-66th Ave. W.
• The Cannabis Depot, 6710-220th St. S.W.
• The Emerald Arms LLC, 21911-64th Ave. W., Suite B
• Twisted Sacks, 5602-232nd St. S.W.

Only one state license for selling marijuana in Mountlake Terrace will be issued from all the applicants wanting to do so. If more than one applicant passes all the required background checks, and shows the ability to pay the necessary $1,000 annual license fee, then a lottery will take place to determine who gets the license.

The state license recipient would still need to apply for a city marijuana business license to open a store in Mountlake Terrace. Any potential pot store location in the city would also have to meet various state and municipal regulations. Mountlake Terrace city officials will also be consulted by the state liquor control board and given input on which applicants would be best suited to obtain a state marijuana business license.

As of Jan. 7, the Washington State Department of Revenue had listed 2,667 applicants statewide applying for a marijuana producer license, 1,919 applicants wanting a marijuana processor license, and 2,036 applicants seeking a marijuana retailer license. The first state licenses could be issued as early as late February.

— By Doug Petrowski


  1. I understand they want a family friendly view of the city, but honestly this is something that will generate revenue for growth.


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