Man suffers brain injury after assault outside local bar

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The incident occurred outside O’Houlies Pub in Mountlake Terrace.

A man suffered a brain injury after being beaten outside O’Houlies Pub, located at 21919 66th Ave. W., early Monday morning.

The victim left the bar and reportedly spoke to four men outside. One of them allegedly punched the victim twice. The victim and suspect did not know each other.

Police received a call around 2 a.m. on Monday, June 6. The victim is now recovering in the hospital. Mountlake Terrace Police Commander Kevin Pickard said the department has identified the suspect and is continuing the investigation.

A similar incident happened outside O’Houlies Pub in 2012. The victim in that case died more than six months later and the suspect was charged with second degree murder.



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