Majority of Terrace streets in excellent or good condition, city report says

236th Street Southwest over I-5.
236th Street Southwest over I-5. (Photo by Doug Petrowski)

The majority of Mountlake Terrace streets are in excellent or good condition according to the findings of a recent city survey.

A Pavement Management Analysis inventories and classifies the city’s street system with a Pavement Condition Index Score according to pavement condition and the presence of distress. A score of 100 represents the best conditions and 0 the worst.

“In total 125.5 lane-miles were rated in the city, yielding an average score of 78.4, an increase of nearly 10 index points since the last survey was completed in 2005,” said Assistant City Manager, Parks, Recreation and Public Works Director Curt Brees.

The city uses a Pavement Management System to evaluate streets and prioritize them for rehabilitation or reconstruction. Potholes, rutting, and cracking are indications of pavement distress. When identified and addressed early, rehabilitation programs, such as localized repair, crack sealing, chip sealing or pavement overlays, can protect the streets and save money by avoiding a complete failure of the pavement, officials said.

“A comparison of maps of the current index scores shows a very strong correlation between high pavement index scores and the overlay and chip seal programs completed in the past 6 years,” Brees said. He added that there are several large projects currently underway that won’t show up until the next survey.

With the survey and update to the management system now complete, data from the report will be used to guide development of the update to the transportation master plan and subsequent street construction projects and budgets.


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