Lost: Black Dog, Victim of Abuse


This comes frmo Jim Ito, President of MLT D.O.G.:

Be on the lookout for a 40-45 pound dog, black, no collar, a small bare patch on it’s face, likely a lab/pit mix.

This dog was found in the back of a green pickup truck yesterday morning (Friday, 2/4), on 224th St SW between 56th Ave W and 58th Ave W.

It appeared to be in the open truck bed all night in the rain. This doggie is very scared, may growl when approached, or run away.

The police were called and abuse was determined. A witness report has been filed. However, the dog ran away.

If you see this dog, please call 9-1-1 and ask for Animal Control. Officer McKee is on duty 20 hours a week, so you may get her or a police officer.

You may also contact Kimberly Slone, a concerned citizen, at 206.999.8410.

Officer McKee also said if anybody had to call 9-1-1 and she wasn’t available to be sure to let the dispatcher know that this dog is from and ongoing abuse case on 224Th St SW, Friday, Feb 4th.

Thank you for keeping your eyes peeled.


  1. Found a dog fitting this description today on 39th…but she is friendly and has a collar on(same mixed breed looks, small bare patch on her face). Probably going to take her to PAWS in Lynnwood if no one responds soon.


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