Little Free Pantry now available on 58th Avenue West

A Little Free Pantry was installed in Mountlake Terrace on June 6. By Friday, June 8, it was stocked full of canned and other nonperishable foods.

The cupboard is located on the east side of 58th Avenue West between 232nd and 234th Streets Southwest.

The Little Free Pantry is hosted by Calvary Church and funding was provided by the Mountlake Terrace Community Foundation.

Community members are invited to contribute foods to the pantry, or take needed items. Non-perishable items are preferred for donations.

To learn more about Little Free Pantries, click

  1. I’ve been stocking the pantry a couple times a day, every day, trying to get healthy snacks, broccolli, bananas, apples oranges, tomatos, cereal, the chicken and tuna salad kits, Breads etc. I just stocked it when two women pulled up in a new car, with Driver Instructor on the roof of the car and hurriedly took everything. I told them I just stocked this for the homeless men in the area and why would they take everything. I’ll feed anybody in need, help anyone in need, I live to do this mission. But one person has ruined it for everyone else. I won’t participate anymore. I’m was spending about $40 a day to fill this pantry.
    disappointed in a few

  2. what did the women say? did they show any remorse? my problem with the pantry is that some folks throw their garbage around the neighborhood. like in the bushes near the library and in the park.

  3. Wanting to help people is a nice gesture, having the free pantry only encouraged the “homeless” and created more of a problem especially around the library. I have lived in MLT for over 20 years and have always felt safe but now I feel less safe because of the drug/homeless problem that has been created. I blame Seattle the most because of their reckless agenda of giving the homeless/addicts carte blanche to do whatever they please and wherever they please, as well. There is plenty of help available to people that want it but most of these “homeless” are addicts/criminals that are wrecking havoc in our neighborhoods. If we want our community to be livable and safe then one thing people can do is not encourage the problem any further. We don’t want MLT to be like LA or San Francisco.

  4. Kathleen, Not sure if they spoke English, they knew I was upset with them, It was like porch pirates. Stealing from the poor. I do agree with Linda, I see adult men and am wondering if I’m making them dependent. You got to help yourself a little. I just don’t like when I make 7 sandwiches and one person takes 3 or all of them. I know that’s probably for the day but the next guy may be looking for something to eat also. I love feeding people but just not sure how to do it so everyone gets something.

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