Letter to the Editor: Why I endorse Jim Langston for State Rep.


Dear Editor:

I am writing to officially endorse Jim Langston for the Washington State Legislature, 1st Legislative District, Position 2. I’ve known Jim and endorse him for the following reasons.

  1. I am the former Chair of the Snohomish County Republican Party and am quite familiar with the Legislative District and the candidates running for office, as well as with the politics of the county.
  2. When I look to endorse a candidate I temper the endorsement predicated on a) what I know about the candidate’s background, b) what I know about the candidate’s integrity (a true make or break decision point for me – if there are issues I will not endorse a candidate), c) the candidate’s capability for the job, and d) the candidate’s ability to win an election.
    • a. In each of these categories I fully endorse Jim and support his candidacy for the Legislature.
    • b. I believe Jim not only has the capability for the job, but the vision, courage, and leadership to bring to office.
    • c. Jim has the strong ability to bring and/or support legislation based on the best interests of the kids and not strictly aligned with one philosophy or another.
  3. The candidates opposing Jim on the Democrat side do not bring the experience, vision, or ability to move beyond the focused need to add more and more revenue to the problem. Jim’s abilities transcend that dramatically.
  4. Whatever Jim does he always finds ways to do it better; finds ways to contribute at a higher level.
  5. Jim does what he says he’ll do, and more often than not, ahead of time.
  6. A critically important point for voters to consider is that Jim knows the difference between commitment and compliance.
  7. When it comes to issues confronting the state and the district Jim is your greatest champion; he will not settle for mediocrity.

You can do no better than Jim Langston.

Bill Cooper, Former Chair of the Snohomish County Republican Party


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