Letter to the Editor: Who is supporting Civic Campus campaign?


Dear Editor:

Recent State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) reports show that your garbage company and mine (Waste Management) has sent money ($3,000) along with your insurance company and mine (Premera Blue Cross-$2,500) to assist your city and mine in creating the illusion of grassroots support for the Civic Campus campaign. That is a campaign which has been based on fraudulent information from start to finish.

When its all over, Waste Management, Premera and our city government will wonder why people don’t trust them and resent the ever-increasing bills they send us. There should be no mystery why big shots colluding against mere citizens raises peoples hackles.  Besides being unfair, it has nothing to do with our garbage service, our medical insurance, or city services.  The city long ago dropped the façade, but if either Waste Management or Premera cared about fairness they would have at least returned our calls asking for equal treatment.

At least the money they spent campaigning against their own customers isn’t illegal.  The city has now spent over $100,000 in three campaigns lobbying openly for a ballot measure, which they know a large portion of their citizenry is against. PDC rules say that is illegal, specifically because they are using our tax dollars against us.

At least one local institution knows a conflict of interest when it is staring them in the face.  The Edmonds School District refused their solicitation on just that basis.

Don’t let special interest control our community, “Vote NO Prop 1”.

Margaret Loiseau


  1. Hi Dustin,
    I see your comment and raise you one from the City’s own business agenda on March 29, 2012: the ruling of the Public Disclosure Commission about governmental entities meddling in an issue once it has been put on the ballot. https://www.cityofmlt.com/civicCenter/pdf/120329/5_GuidelinesForLocalGovernmentAgenciesInElection.pdf Someone was dozing in the meeting and not reading their briefs! (See page two about explicit use of City property, time and resources once something is on the ballot! Forbidden!)




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