Letter to the editor: Support strong vaping protections, not outdated regulations

Dear Editor: 

I smoked for 15 years and my husband smoked for 10, smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. We were very concerned about our health, so we switched to vaping.

We could immediately feel the benefits. My husband could easily walk up a flight of stairs, which was no small feat before! But vapor products were expensive and hard to find. We finally found a local vape shop we love, the Seattle Vapor Company, that truly helps and counsels their customers.

But vape shops and their customers, across Washington and the U.S., are now facing nonsensical FDA regulations. As vapers, we support strong regulation and consumer protections, because we know how they important they are in keeping our products safe. We should have an effective regulatory framework that provides clarity and transparency, ensures products are safe and stops minors from accessing vapor products.

Instead, the FDA is so focused on outdated rules, they’re missing the mark on protecting consumers today and tomorrow. What vape companies need now are clear guidelines, so they can provide safer smoking alternatives.

We must address the shortcomings in vapor regulation with the Cole-Bishop Amendment. It will require the FDA to create product standards, including for e-liquids and batteries, require the industry to register with FDA to stop black market sales, and display nicotine content and warnings like “Keep out of reach to children” and “Underage sale prohibited” on packaging. Senators Cantwell and Murray: vapers everywhere are counting on you to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment.

Margaret Bianco and Anthony Davis
Brier, Washington


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