Letter to the Editor: My choice for State Rep. 1st District


Dear Editor:

There are many choices in the open position two race for State Representative, 1st legislative district.

For me, though, there is only one choice: Kyoko Matsumoto Wright.

Since she was first appointed to the Mountlake Terrace City Council in 2008, Kyoko Wright has served the city with honor and distinction. She earned retention and re-election to the Council by being fair, open minded, and treating everyone with respect. She is a collaborative presence who brings competing interests together for the good of our community. That stands in stark contrast to the constant partisan battles of Olympia. We need Kyoko’s voice.

Kyoko is endorsed by members of the Mountlake City Council because she has proven her ability and trustworthiness time and again. She is a solid part of our community and will make an outstanding state representative.

Please join me, and many of the  Mountlake Terrace City Council, current 1st LD position 2 State Representative Luis Moscoso and a host of local elected officials and residents in supporting Kyoko Matsumoto Wright for State Representative.

Remember to return your ballot by Aug. 2.

Mountlake Terrace Mayor Jerry Smith


  1. I would have to disagree, she is the same woman that was quoted saying…
    “I think the citizens of this city really don’t have anything to complain about when you come right down to it because they can always move to another city that has more problems.”
    Mountlake Terrace City Council meeting 1/5/2013


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