Letter to the Editor: Local agent helps woman in distress


Dear Editor:

Dean Golden
Dean Golden

On Tuesday, October 6th, at approximately 12 p.m., Dean Golden, Senior Accounts Agent at Golden Insurance, went for his usual lunchtime run around the park when he came across a neighbor in need. A young woman in her twenties had collapsed in the roadway near her car and was having a seizure.

Although the park is a relatively open and busy area, it was obvious to Dean that no one was stopping to help the woman, who was alone and in extreme danger in the middle of the road. After checking to see if the woman was responsive and breathing, Dean immediately called 911 and waited with the woman until the ambulance arrived. The emergency responders thanked Dean for his service and took the woman to a local hospital.

When Dean returned to the office late from lunch, we were not surprised that he went out of his way to help a neighbor in need due to his past experiences. Dean Golden has worked in insurance in the North Seattle area for over twenty years and loves working with the people of this community. His father and grandfather both served in the Armed Forces and local police department. They instilled in him the values of caring for others and service at a young age.

We are proud to have Dean as a member of our Golden Insurance Team and want to recognize him for his commendable actions today and continued commitment to others.

Andy Vasquez
Principal Agent at Golden Insurance
Mountlake Terrace


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