Letter to the Editor: Elect Shelley Kloba for District 1 State Rep.


Dear Editor,

I am writing to urge fellow voters in Mountlake Terrace to cast their ballot for Shelley Kloba. I met her last year and was impressed by her integrity, energy, and willingness to dive into any problem in search of solutions. Most importantly, she truly listens to others’ concerns, has the ability to thoroughly examine all sides of an issue and to think outside of the box. Shelley has exactly what we need in Olympia: the ability to work with those of opposing views to arrive at win-win solutions for the greater good.

I am generally an introverted person, but recently I stepped outside of my comfort zone and knocked on doors with her in Mountlake Terrace so that I could help introduce her to my neighbors. It is that important to me that we get experienced, qualified leaders into our state legislature to be a voice for working families. She will work to create affordable housing, fully fund basic education, close tax loopholes that benefit corporations but not the general public, re-evaluate the tolling on I-405 and create better transportation options.

Shelley has a strong record of public service through volunteer roles and elected office, and we deserve to have such a committed public servant standing up for us. Please join me in voting for Shelley Kloba for State Representative.

Eiya Wolfe


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