Letter to the Editor: Elect Mindie Wirth for State Senator


Dear Editor:

In the upcoming primary and general elections, the voters of the 1st legislative district have an important choice to make in selecting their next State Senator. Voters want an advocate who understands the issues that matter most to them. Luckily, we have someone in the race who understands the issues because she has dealt with them firsthand: Mindie Wirth.

Mindie is a proven advocate for schools with a track record of legislative advocacy. She has experience in multiple PTSA and PTA leadership positions in the Northshore School District, and demonstrates a passion and acumen for policy analysis. Mindie is also the only candidate in the race who actually has children in public schools.

Mindie Wirth is also the only candidate who favors a two-thirds majority requirement to raise taxes from Olympia, which 64 percent of us voted for in 2012. Both of Mindie’s opponents want to raise taxes, while she herself advocates against unnecessary burdens amid increasing gas taxes and spiking home values.

Finally, as a Bothell native, Mindie has witnessed firsthand the area’s rapid increase in growth and development over the past twenty years. Like all of us, she has watched government agencies fail to keep their promises. Now, Mindie Wirth wants to hold our government accountable, bringing the lanes and infrastructure we were promised, and doing away with elitist I-405 tolling systems.

Let’s send one of our own to Olympia: Vote Mindie Wirth for State Senate.

Dianna, Bothell resident


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