Letter to the editor: A ‘yes’ vote on Proposition 1 will strengthen our community


Dear Editor,

I love Mountlake Terrace. My great-grandmother lived here and I have fond memories of spending time visiting her growing up. When it came time to buy my first home and decide where I wanted to raise a family, this is where I chose to live. There were a number of reasons, but one of the most important was the sense of community Iíve always felt here. I will be voting YES on Proposition 1 to build a new Civic Center because it will serve to nurture and strengthen our ties to one another.

One of the ways our community currently comes together is through the wonderful services and programs at the Mountlake Terrace Library. My daughter loves her weekly visit for story time and Proposition 1 will enable us to maintain the facility so it can continue to serve us for years to come. A YES vote will also provide necessary updates to the Police Station to keep our hardworking officers and community safe and allow us to build a City Hall and Community Center on land we already own.

Each of us will have the opportunity to provide feedback about what weíd like to see included in our new Civic Center. Iíd love a fountain that I can take my daughter to play in on warm summer days and an open area where we could establish a permanent Farmerís Market.

Our Civic Center will be so much more than a City Hall. It really will serve as the heart of our community. Iíll be voting YES as soon as I receive my ballot in early April and ask you to join me in making an investment in our community for ourselves and our children.

Best regards,
Erin Murray


  1. And seeing the Civic Center 101 presentation really brought to life the serious issues with the current police station. Prop 1 solves many problems by simply voting Yes!


  2. None of those are reasons to build the building as currently proposed. What would the City Council do about a new library roof if it weren’t rolled into this bond issue? They’d pay for it out of existing City revenues or make some small cuts elsewhere for it. The library expense is minor. Where would seniors meet? They’d meet where they are now. What would the police do if they didn’t have a new station? They’d continue doing what they are doing now, and upgrade as needed – this is not a crisis need. Where would the City get rent money beyond the current funds? They’d raise the tax rate – a LITTLE – to cover it.

    I have no objection to building a new City Hall. My objection is to City Council’s willful ignorance of two adverse votes and continued blind insistence on getting everything it wants rather than settling for what it needs.

    There is PLENTY of room on the City-owned space to build a smaller structure now, and have plans for future expansion when growth and associated revenues permit. No reason this cannot be done except that the people in charge think they can ram through, a third time, their preferred approach.

    Redesign with a price tag of $18M and it passes. Or take a chance that the third vote comes out at 59%, and face a lawsuit from one or more citizens correctly claiming that taxpayer funds are being misused and valid vote results are being repeatedly ignored.


  3. I totally agree with Mr. Smith that none of what he metnionsc onstitutes a crisis. I think it is helpful though to expand or perhaps clarify another point he makes. Rent is not being paid from “current funds. ” The money is borrowed. Except for modest sums transferred from other sources in 2011 and 2012, that borrowed money plus all of the accruing interest is due in full in 2014. For the folks at city hall and on the city council who committted to this ill-conceived idea, that looming repayment is the real crisis. Although I agree with virtually everything else Mr. Smith says, I also don’t believe that an affordable city hall need cost anywhere near $18 million unless there are some very unique building or site costs. If there are then the city needs to sharpen their pencils and/or change their plans.




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