Letter: Senate candidate Guy Palumbo ‘breath of fresh air’ that Olympia needs


It’s no surprise the Northshore Education Association supports Rosemary McAuliffe’s re-election campaign for Senate. After all, as chair of the Senate’s K-12 Education Committee, McAuliffe single-handedly killed a charter schools bill that was supported by the majority of the committee members. Which makes sense when you consider she has not only received campaign donations from the WEA itself, but individual donations from some their top lobbyists as well. What Mr. Brittell knows, but didn’t say, is that union interests will be strongly protected if voters send Rosemary McAuliffe back to Olympia.

But Washingtonians have grown tired of partisan bickering and special interest influence in the legislature. We crave need new leaders, who will stand up to special interest groups and reach across the aisle to find common ground. That’s why I am proud to endorse Guy Palumbo. As a public school teacher, I know he will stand up to special interests and put the needs of students first. He understands the status quo isn’t good enough, and supports innovation solutions for public schools. Guy Palumbo is a breath of fresh air that Olympia badly needs, please support his campaign and help move Washington forward.”

Todd Hausman

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