Letter: Making sausage in the State Legislature

Dear Editor:

They say that engaging in politics is like watching sausage being made. Last year I got a frightening glimpse of Rosemary McAuliffe (D), Washington State Senator in the 1st Legislative District wanted to harvest more meat for the State Sausage Machine.

In March, 2011, Senator McAuliffe and two Legislative District 1 Representatives held a few Town Hall Meetings. The other speakers were Representative Derek Sanford (D), and Representative Luis Moscoso (D).

Senator McAuliffe told the audience that the three big loopholes in State tax revenue were food, prescription drugs and manufacturing.

•    Taxing food would most harm THE POOR.
•    Taxing prescriptions would most harm THE ELDERLY AND INFIRM.
•    Taxing businesses also hits the consumer, hurting EVERYONE.

Why would she want to hike taxes on the poor, the elderly and infirm? Why hike taxes on every manufacturer? It made no sense. When money is tight at home, we spend less; that’s how government should operate. Senator Rosemary McAuliffe wants to dig deeper into our wallets and purses. We don’t pay enough yet? When will it ever be enough?

Luis Moscoso talked about increasing traffic tolls. I didn’t recall anything of what Derek said.

The solution to Washington State’s budget problems is in reducing spending, not increasing taxes. Senator McAuliffe is in my opinion not working for us, but against us.

It’s time for new faces in Washington State, starting right here in Legislative District 1.

Enter Dawn McCravey, Rosemary’s challenger. Dawn offers experience, reason and common sense, and wants to solve State problems, not seek increased taxes for more studies that look like something’s being done, but go nowhere.

And yes, in my opinion, Derek Sanford and Luis Moscoso have also failed us.

Enter Sandy Guinn and Mark Davies. They are challenging incumbents Derek Sanford and Luis Moscoso for Representative Positions 1 and 2, respectively. Worth noting, Mark Davies was a write-in candidate! He made the November ballot because of a groundswell WRITE-IN vote in the primary! That many people knew this fine man, and they want an alternative to Luis Moscoso. So do I.

If LD1 voters want to be heard in Olympia, three excellent challengers to the incumbency are able, ready and willing go to work … for you.


Joel Kolbo, LD1

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