Letter: Information from Dan Green ‘really off base’


Dear Editor:

Regarding the comment from Dan Green: SURPRISE!!!! Council members have to be citizens of the town they live in to run and be elected to the council. They also pay taxes in the City of Mountlake Terrace. NOT ONE COUNCIL MEMBER LIVES IN EDMONDS.  None of the council members has an $120,000 electric sportscar.

The electric car stations that were constructed at the park and ride cost the citizens not one single dime. It was all done and paid for by federal grant money and Community Transit.

I don’t know where your information comes from but it is really off base.

For the real facts you should contact the city manager, mayor, mayor pro tem and all the other council members and get your facts straight. They would like, at any time, a phone call to discuss anything. All their phone numbers are listed here.

Judi Smith
Mountlake Terrace


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