Letter to the editor: Everyone benefits when our wetlands thrive

Dear Editor:

Mountlake Terrace is full of pleasant, productive wildlife habitat, and some of our most ecologically important sites are wetlands. Every Feb. 2, the international community observes World Wetlands Day, and this year, urban wetlands are the theme of the celebration. I invite our community to take this opportunity to learn about the importance of wetlands to life in the Seattle area, and then take action to support wetland welfare for the sake of clean water, a strong fishery and a healthy community.

Wetlands provide valuable services to our community. They reduce urban flooding. They clean runoff of pollutants that poison fish and harm marine habitat. They give people beautiful spaces for recreation and education. Unfortunately, development has often meant wetland loss, which in turn diminishes water quality and reduces salmon runs. In recent years, Puget Sound communities have made great strides in protecting the sea we share, including by pursuing wetland health, but there is always more work to be done.

In Mountlake Terrace, there are many ways we can keep our wetlands safe. We can minimize pollution by reducing fertilizer use and building rain gardens. We can fight invasive plants in our city parks that keep wetlands from functioning to their fullest capacity. We can encourage public servants to ensure the protection of vulnerable ecosystems and support restoration projects. There are many ways to help our wetlands, and everyone can take part.

When wetlands flourish, everyone benefits!

Adam Oberstadt
Mountlake Terrace

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