Letter: Civic Center article shows ‘true colors’ of city spending plans


Your website has rendered an immensely valuable service by exposing the way the current city administration thinks. Every concerned voter should read this segment to understand that the appetite for ever more money (through real estate taxes and others) will never end.

It may be, as the city manager states, “no different than any other city council,”  but spending any excess funds on other projects isn’t how the large dollars associated with this request are being sold to the public. Since I just asked one, I know even citizens who support the bond measure don’t understand the truth of what you have written here.

They should. Ramming through the car tab tax without a wider vetting of the subject community-wide demonstrated conclusively that downtown revitalization in its many forms and at any cost is more important to these folks than being fully forthcoming about how they plan to get there.

Of course we are naive. Our common sense perception that any savings from currently lower construction costs would translate to a smaller bond and lesser taxes is misinformed. There is just so much misinformation! We are all just so uneducated in the “way things work.”  As your article very clearly illustrates,  the “way things work” is that their “wish list” of projects is more important to them than being square with the voters.

Thank you for showing their true colors.

Leonard French

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