Letter: City should use its own land to build Lakeview Drive trail


Dear Editor:

A comment about the Lakeview Trail project, which you reported on last week.

Lakeview Drive is a wonderful spot to jog or walk the dog, etc. Here’s the rub with the three Trail options the city has: All three bulldoze their way into the side of the road along two nice condo developments (Lake Ballinger Village and Ballinger Estates).

The city owns the golf course land and should put the Trail all on that side — that’s what us residents would really like, because the city barely takes care of that walk area now — it’s muddy with a leaning rusty chain-link fence and tall grass everywhere. A path along that side will offer cyclists and joggers a nice unobstructed view of the lake.

The residents here have taken care of the sidewalk side for 35 years – at our own expense in good landscaping, etc. Heck, we even paid to build the sidewalk back in the 1970s because the city couldn’t afford it.

Why tear it all up now? USE THE OTHER SIDE the city owns!

What about the underground utilities near the current sidewalk? What about the drainage problems we already see? What about the street parking at the ball field?

I am not happy.

Rich Boudet, MLT resident


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