Leadership Snohomish County accepting nominations and applications for 2015-16


MyNNN-Logo-w-AllLeadership Snohomish County is now accepting nominations and applications for 2015-16 programs.

“Strong, vibrant communities require leadership engagement from all sectors: business, local government, education and nonprofit organizations,” said Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory, Leadership Snohomish County Board President and Executive Director of Sno-Isle Libraries. “In this program, we challenge students to step up, become engaged and learn from others.”

The organization has worked with more than 90 Snohomish County employers. The tri-sector community fosters new perspectives, creating a way to examine leadership, leaders, and how to build thriving companies, communities, and organizations.

“Any company or organization needs employees who see their jobs as more than an 8-5 task,” said Carl Zapora, Superintendent of the Verdant Health Commission. “Employees who feel engaged with the community are better employees. The overview of the county, the engagement with community leaders, and the understanding of what all it takes to make a community a great place all help our employees be better at engaging with customers and the public, and more appreciative of our community and willing to volunteer. Our investment in LSC provides huge dividends to our workplace, employees and the community.”

The Signature program will accept 32 class members and the Young Professionals program will accept 20. Nomination and application forms are available here. Nominations must be received by April 30. Submit completed forms to Kathy Coffey, Executive Director, at [email protected] or call 425-512-5244 with questions.


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