Klippert, Lacasse selected for Booster Club’s February Athlete Highlights

Ryan Lacasse
Ryan Lacasse
Ashley Klippert
Ashley Klippert

With the close of the the 2014-15 basketball season at Mountlake Terrace High School, the MTHS Sport Booster Club is recognizing two Hawk round ball players for the February Athlete Highlights, Ashley Klippert and Ryan Lacasse.

“Ashley is a very funny player to be around, one who is serious but she finds a way to make you laugh and smile no matter what the case,” said girls basketball coach Zach Wilde. “I would say she is sometimes the team class clown, but in a good way to keep things light and everyone at ease.”

“She is only a freshman but she has the work ethic of a veteran player,” Wilde said. “She has come in from day one and done everything we have asked of her. She works hard and tries to encourage her teammates as well.”

“She is a very good student as well and well should be excited to see her in the next few years as a Hawk,” Wilde added.

Boys basketball coach Nalin Sood recommended Lacasse for the February Athlete Highlights not only for his involvement with the Hawk basketball program but for this athletic pursuits in football too.

“Ryan represents what multi-sport athletes are about,” Sood said. “He has excelled on the football gridiron as well as the basketball court.”

“Ryan is a young man that accepts challenges and adversity, and rather than make excuses he faces them head-on confident he will handle them with maturity and overcome them,” Sood said. “As a staff and basketball program Ryan has been a wonderful addition and personally a pleasure to work with.”

Klippert and Lacasse will be featured on the Athlete Highlights posters displayed at local businesses around Mountlake Terrace during the month of February. The publication is an effort of the MTHS Sports Booster Club; more information about the group can be found at https://www.eteamz.com/mthssportsboosterclub/.


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