Intoxicated Burglar Arrested Near MLT High School


A man that appeared to be intoxicated attempted to break in to several townhomes near Mountlake Terrace High School Wednesday morning. Here’s more from Mark Hopkins:

Apparent intoxicated man attempted entry into the back slider of one of our townhomes about 10AM today while the owners were home. While the owner scrambled to lock the back door, the man in her back yard was screaming for money. When she started calling police, he moved to the next unit, also occupied by the owners, who also called police.

THe man left the back yards and was stumbling around the driveways before trying to exit the property to the East.

MLT police arrived and residents directed them to the direction the suspect left, which was towards 44th and the high school.

The man was apprehended after a brief struggle with MLT and Lynnwood police. Lynnwood police state this man has a history of law enforcement run-ins


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