Hot dog! Red Onion Burgers plans to open a new restaurant — but what to call it?


Red Onion old and new locations 002By Doug Petrowski

Naming a new restaurant is easy, isn’t it? Well, for the owners of Red Onion Burgers in Mountlake Terrace, coming up with a name for a new eatery they hope to open in July has proven to be somewhat of a struggle.

Seaun and LaRae Richards want to operate a new hot dog eatery in the location of their first Red Onion Burgers location on the 23200 block of 56th Avenue West. The permits are purchased, the contractors are hard at work, and a menu is being formulated. But as for the name, well …
The Richards moved their Red Onion Burgers restaurant into its present location at 21005-44th Ave. W. after a fire forced them to move from 56th Avenue West. Seaun Richards has said all along that he has wanted to operate another restaurant in the Town Center district of Mountlake Terrace “because I know what is coming.” Richards, who is also a Mountlake Terrace City Councilmember, has said that economic growth in the downtown area is inevitable, and he wants an eatery to be a part of it.

Richards considered leasing space in the nearly-complete Arbor Heights development on 56th Avenue West and 236th Street Southwest but now says he has pulled out of negotiations there.

The old site of Red Onion Burgers has been available, but kitchen modifications and updates since the fire has been a point of contention between Richards and the present building owners. But the two have come to an agreement and a new restaurant is on its way.

But again, what to call it?

On Monday Richards announced the new name for the eatery on the Red Onion Burgers Facebook page: The restaurant would be called “Filthy McNastys Gourmet Hot Dog Company.” Within a few hours, Richards was having second thoughts.

“Let’s hold off on the name,” Richards said later on Monday. Turns out the name generated plenty of comments in social media, and one significant skeptic.

“Quite a bit of feedback and LaRae is not sold on the name,” Richards confessed.

Now Richards is conducting a contest to help generate names for the new eatery. Meanwhile the plan is to have it open in July in time for the city’s Tour de Terrace festival … named or not.


    • I agree with Red Onion Gourmet Hot Dogs since it has established itself as a reputable place already. Go for it!!!

    • I agree simple to say Simple to remember and it has red onion in it and i drove past the sign last night i relized i would miss the big red thing in the sky

  1. I think keeping “Red Onion . . . . . .” would be smart. Everyone I know liked the Red Onion Burger place. If hot dogs are the main fare now, you might call it the “Red Onion Bow Wow.” If burgers, etc. will still be on the menu, you might call it “The Red Onion Burgers and Franks.” Don’t complicate it with “trendy” names. Just keep the good old style name and quality we are accustomed to. Jim Reynolds / May 29, 2013, 11:08 a.m. Good luck with the new place, and I will be there soon after it opens again.

  2. I like keeping it simple so what about Hot Dog Simple, Simply Hot Dogs, Wiener Simple but then I do like The Red Onion Burgers and Franks! Red Onion Drive in. Best of luck – ready to check it out:).


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